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Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - null

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The plug-in can now generate surefire-compatible test reports, which is useful for continuus integration with continuum. pguyot
The plug-in now copies the target/priv directory to the package. pguyot
Fixed paths to source and target doc directories. pguyot
Fixed a bug when invoking edoc and handle non-existing directories in the package phase. pguyot
The plug-in now computes dependencies to avoid recompilation. -include attributes are not handled yet (but -include_lib are), and if present, the compiler will always recompile the source file. pguyot
New option testUseDialyzer to avoid running dialyzer when compiling tests. pguyot
Added options for edoc. pguyot
Added code coverage during tests. pguyot
Made plug-in more robust to empty source directories. pguyot
New option to specify the name of the application resource file. pguyot
All options are now optional with reasonable default values. pguyot
The plug-in now uses some Java 5 constructs. pguyot
Factorized calls to the erlang VM in a new AbstractErlMojo class. pguyot
Fixed calls to the erlang VM on Unix. pguyot
Documentation is now generated and included in the final package ('package' goal) if the 'useEdoc' parameter is set to 'true' in the POM. adamselene
Compilation no longer uses an Emakefile. Instead, each .erl file is compiled with erlc. With this method, it is now possible to detect a compilation failure. In the future, other file types may be compiled (any type supported by erlc). The only con is that each file is always recompiled, even if it was not modified. adamselene
The content of main/resources is now included in the package directory. For instance, you can include a priv/ directory in main/resources, and it will be copied to application-vsn/priv. adamselene